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The Great Commoner          William Pitt, the elder


The Iron Duke  The Duke of Wellington


The Grand Old Man          William Ewart Gladstone


The wisest fool in Christendom          King James I of England


The Bard of Avon          William Shakespeare


The Blind Poet   John Milton


The Iron Chancellor          Prince Otto Von Bismarck


The Old Pilot   Prince Otto Von Bismarck


The Little Corporal          Napoleon Bonaparte


The Black Napoleon          Jean Jacques Dessalines, of Haiti


The Beloved Disciple          St. John


The Apostle of the Indians          Bartholome de Las Cassa


The Black Prince          Son of Edward III, King of England


Coeur de Lion          Richard I of England


Farmer George          King George III of England


The Merrie Monarch          King Charles II of England


The Light of Asia          Buddha


The Dickens of France          Honore de Balzac


The Sage of Concord          Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Sailor King   King William IV of England


The First Gentlemen in Europe          King George IV of England


The head of the Buddhist faith in Tibet          Dalai Lama


The Unready          King Ethelred II of England


Longshanks          Edward I of England


Edward the Peacemaker          Edward VII of England


The King Maker          Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick


Thorough          Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford


Old Rough and Ready          Zachary Taylor, a President of the USA


Old Dreadnought          The English Admiral, Boscawen


The Morning Star of the Reformation          John Wycliff


Lawrence of Arabia          Col Thomas Edward Lawrence


The Swedish Nightingale          Jenny Laid


William the Conqueror          William I of England


The Maid of Norway                   Daughter of Eric II, King of Norway


The Lady of the Lamp                   Florence Nightingale


The Virgin Queen                   Queen Elizabeth I


The Maid of Queens                    Joan of Arc


Madonna                   The Virgin Mary


The Holy Father, His Holiness                   The Pope


The Apostle of Northumbria                   Saint Aidan


Mata Hari                   Marguerite Gertrude, a spy


The Laughing Philosopher                   Democritus


The Grand Old Man of Hungary                   Count Albert Apponyi


The Faultless Painter                   Andrea del Sarto


The Learned Blacksmith                   Elihu Burritt, an American linguist


The Young Pretender          Charles Edward Stuart, grandson of James II of England


The most musical of all Englishmen          Sir William Sterndale Bennett


The Seraphic Doctor          St. Bonaventura


The Semiramis of the North          Catherine II, Empress of Russia


Defender of the Holy Sepulchre          Godfrey of Bouillon


The Inspired Idiot          Oliver Goldsmith


Noll          Oliver Cromwell


The Magnificent          Sultan Solyman


The Uncrowned Queen of Arabia          Gertrude Bell




 The Father of Poets          Homer


The Father of English Poetry          Geoffrey Chaucer


The Father of Biography          Plutarch


The Father of History          Herodotus


The Father of Experimental Philosophy          Francis Beacon


The Father of Moral Philosophy          Thomas Aquinas


The Father of Medicine          Hippocrates


The Father of Modern Astronomy          Copernicus


The Father of Modern Chemistry          Antoine Lavoisier


The Father of Natural History          John Ray


The Father of the Science of Political Economy          Adam Smith


The Father of Unitarianism          John Biddle


The Father of Modern Music          Johann Sebastian Bach


The Father if Novel Writing          Giovanni Boccaccio




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