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You are now reading the work of author:  La'keisha Marshall




The Crying Pain

So serene so suave

It ripples the pond of your timely existence

As in rhythm with one inhalation

of life breeze

Your breath is snatched from your lungs

And u are left flaccid of  life

leaving behind nothing but

a hollow vessel that once housed

a lively soul

A soul that departed at the drop of a pin.



Sun In My Skin
I bask in the light
Raining from the heavens
Diving into my skin
Piercing my epidermal layer
Vitalizing my youth
Enriching my soul
At this moment my worries,
My sorrows and my fears are 
Evaporated from my mind
The intense heat provokes droplets
and streams of perspiration
that creep down my forehead and
trickles past my neck
towards the crest of my bosom
In moments i am drenched
Yet I remain in my bliss.
Keisha '01'


 CeeKay 1

You and I

In the endless passion

Of a midnight's breeze


The passion so strong

i can almost smell it,

taste it on my fingertips


Whilst the moon shines exclusively

On just the two of us


The mist of your breath

Warms the moisture upon my face


The heat of dual bodies

chased away by the splashing of waves

Like the backwash of it

I am pulled deeper into your embrace


As two become one

On a bed of sand and sea


We careen,

As the waves crest to the beaches shore.



To Get Her

In our very own

temperate zone,

we lay


Coupled in a  timeless

embrace, we inhale

the aroma of our presence,

sweet as a morning's dew


As his eyes met mine

I see not lust, but passion

unfathomable as the oceans



His kiss, as precious,

as delicate as a season's

first snowflake


As he caresses my body

I sense his love through

every nerve underlying

my flesh


And as he is I

And I am him

In our very own

temperate zone

We lay.

Keisha <02>



His love surrounds me
like a blanket of clouds
up yonder
The touch of his skin
against mine
As smooth, as gentle
as the flesh of a peach
Around him I
glow with happiness
As if he the moon
and i his aura
Words of sheer beauty
whispered into my ear
So gentle, so precious.
Swan like movements
begets total attraction
Me to him
Let lust engulf my heart not
but love him till deaths day


Lost in a lybarinth
of lonliness,
I am unable to see,
hear or touch him.
Deprived of his lips
entwined with mine in
a moment of passion.
I am starved of his breath
rusling upon my face,
his flesh upon my flesh.
Essential to my existence,
only for a while I shall go