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You are in the poetic realm of:  Christina Dunn





What we had will be no more

Not even our friendship can be saved

I am lost in the oceans of my mind

Thinking of what was

And what will be no more

You were my friend

My lover

And my companion

And now all that is gone

You betrayed me in a way no other could

I gave you what I can never give again

I cry tears not of regret of my decision

But of sadness over your deceit

I truested you

I cared for you

And in my way loved you

So these tears that roll down my face

Are tears of pain and growth

For I will never regret my decisions

Nor my actions

I will never regret my choices

Nor what I did with you

But over you and for you I will cry

The tears that continue to flow

Turn my eyes as red as blood

Only when I can think of you

And once again smile

Will this wound be healed and your deceit forgiven




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