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The Emerald Isle                                   Ireland

Hibernia                                               Ireland

The Pearl of the Antilles                        Cuba

The Magnificent Province                      Guyana

The Land of the Oat Cakes                   Scotland

The Land of the Golden Fleece              Australia

The Land of the Midnight Sun                Lapland, Norway  

The Land of the Flying Fish                   Barbados

The Land of the Eucalyptus                   Australasia

The Land of the Rising Sun                   Japan

The Land of the Five Rivers                   Punjab, in Pakistan and India

The Land of the Humming-bird               Trinidad   

The Land of the Dykes                            Holland

The Land of the Tulips                            Holland

The Land of Milk and Honey                   Canaan

The Land of the White Elephant               Thailand  

The Land of the Thousand Lakes              Finland

The Sugar Mill of the Antilles                   Cuba

The Isle of Springs                                   Jamaica

The Barbary States                                   Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya

The Granary of Spain                               Andalusia

The Spice Islands                                     Moluccas in the East Indies

The mother-in-law of Europe                   Denmark

Our Lady of Snow                                   Canada

The bread basket of the Empire                 Canada

The Spice island of the west                      Grenada

The roof of the world                               Tibet

The white man’s grave                              West Africa

The sea of mountains                               British Columbia

The Iberian Peninsula                               Spain and Portugal

The Promised Land                                 Canaan

The battle-field of Europe                         Belgium

The playground of Europe                        Switzerland

The Antipodes                                         New Zealand

The George Cross Island                          Malta

Little Venice                                            Venezuela

Rich Coast                                               Costa Rica

Rich Port                                                 Puerto Rico

The diary of Northern Europe                   Denmark

Caledonia                                                Scotland

The sick man Europe                               The Turkish Empire

The halfway house of the Pacific               Hawaii

Robinson Crusoe’s Island                           Juan Fernandez, Tobago

Mountainous Country                               Haiti

The Celestial Empire                               China

The Land of Han                                   China

The saw mill of Europe                           Sweden

The mother colony of the West Indies      St. Kitts

The Gift of the Nile                               Egypt

The storehouse of the world                   Mexico

The island of the hawks                          Azores

Everglade State                                      Florida

Holy Land                                              Palestine




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