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The Garden of England                   Country of Kent

Country of Palatine                          Lancashire

The Garden State                           New Jersey

The Golden State                           California

The Silver State                               Nevada

The Copper State                           Arizona

Blue Hen State                               Delaware

The Nutmeg State                          Connecticut

Garden of America                         Virginia

Old Dominion                                 Virginia

The Eternal State                              Rome

The twin city                                   Budapest

The Imperial City                             Rome

The Holy City                                   Jerusalem

The Holy City of the Hindus              Benares

The Golden City                               Johannesburg

The Diamond City                            Kimberly

Windy City                                       Chicago

The twin cities of Mississippi             St. Paul and Minneapolis

The city of magnificent distances       Washington, D.C

The automobile capital of the world    Detroit

The meat market of the world             Chicago

The mother city of Russia                  Kiev

The city of the Arabian nights             Baghdad

The Birmingham of Belgium                Li`ege

The Paris of the East                           Bucharest

City of Pleasure                                  Bucharest

The hub of the Universe                      Boston

The modern Babylon                          London

The Liverpool of France                     Le Havre

The City of God                                Allahabad

The Queen of the Adriatic                  Venice

The lighthouse of the Mediterranean    Stromboli

An ice-house in winter and a furnace in summer                   Madrid

The Manchester of France                   Rouen

The Manchester of Poland                   Lodz

The Gibraltar of the North                   Sveaborg, near Helsingfors

The Iron Gates                                   The deep gorge of the Danube, near Orsava, in Romania

The Gibraltar of the Pacific                 Corregidor

The Pearl of the Orient                       Damascus

Valley of the Kings                             Thebes

Athens of the West                             Leyben

Gibraltar of America                           Quebec

City of Elms                                       New Haven

Queen City                                         Regina, Cincinnati

The eye of Greece                              Athens

The Rome of the Ocean, the Bride of the sea                   Venice

The Athens of the North                      Edinburgh





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