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What is Human Relations?


Human relations is the skill or ability to work effectively through and with other people.  Human relations includes a desire to understand others, their needs and weaknesses, and their talents and abilities.

In all aspects of life, you will deal with other people. No matter what you do for living or how well you do it, your relationship with others is the key to your success or failure




  1. Human rights  Today, mangers and employees have a greater awareness of the rights of employees.  This awareness calls for more skillful relations among employees, using tact, trust, and diplomacy with greater skill.

  2. The global marketplace  Improved interpersonal skills are a critical factor in any country's gaining a competitive edge in the world marketplace.

  3. Growing emphasis on human resources  The most important resource in any organization is the human resource

  4. Renewed emphasis on working groups  Today's employees tend to like teamwork and participative decision-making in the workplace

  5. Diversity in the workplace Today' workplace contains an unpredicted mixture of racial, cultural, and gender backgrounds.


Human relations is not a study in understanding human behavior in order to manipulate others.  Good human relations means being real, positive, and honest, Practicing effective human relations means being yourself at your very best

Learning better human relations skills is not a cure-all. Human relations in not just common sense



In the broadest sense, the study of human relations has two goals: personal development and growth, and achievement of an organization's objective



Self-esteem is the regard in which an individual holds himself or herself


Mutual Respect

The positive consideration or regard that two people have for one another, can exist only when your self-esteem is stable. But without trust, mutual respect is meaningless. Trust is a belief in honesty, integrity, and reliability of another person


Self-Awareness and Self-Disclosure

Self-awareness is the knowledge of how you are being perceived by others. Self-disclosure is the process of letting other people know what you are really thinking and feeling.


Communication Skills

Communication is the process of sending ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and having them received in the way you intended


Group Dynamics

Group dynamics is the set of interpersonal relationships within a group that determine how group members relate to each other and that influence task performance



Motivation is the force of the need to desire to act.


Build Your Communication Skills

  1. Learn to communicate honestly

  2. Learn what effective communication is and how to develop this skill

  3. Know what you are communicating to others by increasing your self-awareness

  4. Know what you are communicating to others by your nonverbal signals

  5. Learn to deal effectively with conflict




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