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Christopher Columbus                     discovered or rediscovered America and the W. Indies


Vasco Nunez de Balboa                   discovered The Pacific Ocean


Sir Humphrey Gilbert                       discovered Newfoundland


Vasco Da Gama                              discovered The sea route to India 1498


Sebastian Cabot                               discovered Labrador in 1497


Captain James Cook                         discovered The Sandwich Isles


Henry, the Navigator                         discovered Madeira and the Azores


Henry Hudson                                  discovered The Hudson River Hudson Strait, Hudson Bay


Ferdinand Magellan                           first person to attempt to sail around the world


Sir Francis Drake                              first Englishman to sail around the world 1577-1580


William Baffin                                  discovered Baffin Bay


Sir Martin Frobisher                         discovered Frobisher’s Strait


Matthew Flinders                             discovered Bass Strait


Vitus Bering                                    discovered Bering’s Strait


John Davis                                      discovered Davis Strait


Sir Samuel White Baker                   discovered Lake Albert in 1864


Marco Polo                                     made explorations in China, India and the East.


Captain Roald Amundsen                reached the South Pole in 1912; flew over the North Pole

                                                       in 1926


Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd   flew over the North Pole in 1926 flew over the South Pole in 1929


Rear Admiral Robert Edwin Peary    succeeded in reaching the North Pole on 6 April, 1909


Captain Robert Scott                       reached the South Pole, 18 January, 1912,


David Livingstone                           explored a great deal of Central Africa between 1849 and 1873


Sir Henry Morton Stanley                explored Central Africa between 1871 and 1889


Mungo Park                                    explored the River Niger 1791-1806


Jacques Cartier                               explored a great deal of Canada, especially the Gulf of St.Lawerence and the river St. Lawerence


Charles Goodyear                          discovered the art of vulcanizing rubber


Professor Pierre Curie and Madame Curie        joint discovers of Raduim, a substance used in the cure of cancer


Edward Jenner                                discovered vaccination


Lord Lister                                     discovered antiseptic treatment


Robert Koch                                  discovered the bacillus of tuberculosis


William Harvey                               discovered the circulation of the blood


Louis Pasteur                                 discovered the science of bacteria, i.e. the germ theory of diseases


Professor Wilhem Konrad Rontgen discovered Rontagen ray (X-rays)


Sir James Young Simpson              discovered the use of chloroform as an anesthetic


William Hyde Wollaston                 discovered ultra-violet rays


Joseph Priestley                             discovered oxygen


Sir William Ramsay                       discovered argon gas and helium


Sir Ronald Ross                            discovered the cause of malaria


Sir Patrick Manson                        discovered that the malarial parasite was transmitted by the anopheles mosquito


Sir Aldo Castellani                         discovered the cause of sleeping sickness


Sir Issac Newton                           discovered the law of gravitation


Henry Cavendish                           discovered the composition of water; he also discovered hydrogen


Francis Appert                              discovered how to preserve animal and vegetable food by enclosing them in hermetically sealed tins or cans


Archimedes                                   discovered specific gravity and the principles of the lever


Bernard Pallisy                              discovered the art of producing white enamel


Sir Rowland Hill                            introduced the penny postal system


William Herschell                          discovered the planet Uranus         


Sir Alexander Fleming                   discovered penicillin




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