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Lord Robert Baden-Powell                   founded the Boy Scouts in 1908


“General” William Booth                   founded the Salvation Army, in 1978


John Wesley                    founder of the “Methodist” church.


Sir George Williams                    founder of the Young Men’s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A)


Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy                   founded the Christian Science religion


St Benedict                   founder of the Order of Benedictine Monks


Jeremy Bentham                   founder of the Utilitarian school of philosophy


Professor Alfred Adler                   founder of the school of Individual Psychology


Confucius                   founder of Chinese Philosophy


Dr. Sun Yat Sen                   founder of the Chinese Republic


William Penn                   founder of Pennsylvania, in 1682


Sir Thomas Raffles                   founded Singapore in 1819


Diego Velasquez                   founded Santiago and Havana


Dr. Thomas John Barnado                   founded the homes for orphans-waifs, which bear his name


Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel                   founder of the Kindergarten system of education


Sir Isaac Pitman                    found the Pitman system of Shorthand


Sir Francis Galton                   founded the study of Eugenics


Friedrich Anton Mesmer                   founded the system of Mesmerism


Alfred Krupp          founded the great gun factories at Essen, Germany, which is the largest in the world


Joseph Smith          founder of the religious sect called Mormons.


Sir William Smith          founded the Boys’ Brigade in 1883





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