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Alexander Graham Bell                   The telephone


Thomas Alva Edison                      The phonograph


E. Berliner                                      The gramophone


Professor David Edward Hughes    The microphone


John L. Baird                                  Television


Evangelista Torricelli                       The barometer


Galileo Galilei                                 The thermometer and the telescope


Janssen                                           The microscope


William Gascoigne                          The micrometer


John Harrison                                 The chronometer


Laennec                                         The stethoscope


Sir David Brewster                          The kaleidoscope


Orville and Wilbur Wrig                  The aeroplane


Count Von Ferdinand Zeppelin       The Zepplin dirigible airship


Dr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel              Dynamite


Roger Bacon                                  Gunpowder


Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim                The automatic gun


Samuel Colt                                    The revolver


Sir Joseph Whitworth                      The Whitworth rifle


Elias Howe                                     The sewing-machine


James Watt                                     The steam engine


George Stephenson                         The locomotive


James Nasmyth                               The steam hammer


Sir Charles Algernon Parsons          The steam turbine


Marchase Gulielimo Marconi            The wireless telegraph      


Micheal Faraday                              The dynamo and electric transformer


Messrs Coke and Wheatstone           The electric telegraph       


Benjamin Franklin                             The lighting conductor


Robert Stephenson                           The flashing system of the throwing

                                                        light out to sea from lighthouses

Sir Humphrey Davy                          The safety lamp


Sir Joseph Wilson Swan                   The incandescent electric lamp

                                                       The autotype process of photography

                                                       The art of making rapid dry             

                                                       Photographic plates


George Eastman                               The roll photographic film

                                                        The Kodak camera


Alois Senefelder                               Lithography


Johann Gutenberg                            The art of painting


Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof                Esperanto


Samuel Finley Morse                        The Morse Code of signals

                                                       The Morse system of electric


Gerhardus Mercator                         A celestial and a terrestrial globe


Sir Richard Arkwright                       The spinning frame


Edmund Cartwright                           The power loom


Samuel Crompton                             The spinning mule


James Hargreaves                              The spinning jenny


Sir Henry Bessemer                           The process of converting cast-iron

                                                         Into steel


John Macadam                                   Macadamised roads


Henry Cort                                         The process known as “ puddling” for

                                                          Converting pig iron into malleable



The Marquis De Vauban                       Income Tax




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