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Body Beautiful


Hairiest Family

Life for hairy brothers Victor "Larry" and Gabriel "Danny" Ramos Gomez is anything but dull. They fly through the air regularly in their jobs as trampoline acrobats. The duo had a chance to became TV stars when they were offered starring roles in The X-Files. They didn't really take to this idea. "We don't want to be seen as aliens," they said. Apart from their hairy looks, they are like regular guys. When they're not busy with the circus, Danny likes to play video games and Larry is doing a course in astronomy.

Larry and Danny Ramos Gomez are two of a family of 19, which spans five generations, who all suffer from hypertrichosis or "werewolf syndrome". Even the women of the family are covered with a light to medium coat of hair, while the men have thick hair on every inch of their bodies, apart from their hands and feet. Most forms of excess hairiness are associated with hormone imbalances but the exact causes of the hairy family's hairiness are not yet known. Scientists and researchers are studying the DNA of the boys and searching for clues as to why they are as they are. There have been rumors that the family was searching the world for a cure. The boys deny this. "I'd never cut the hair off," Larry says. "I'm very proud to be who I am."


Most Tattooed Man

Tom Leppard, a retired soldier who lives on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, has had 99.9% of his body tattooed with a leopard-skin design. The only parts of his body that remain free of tattoos are the insides of his ears and the skin between his toes. Tom reckons he spent a total of about $7,000 on the tattoos. Tom says having the bony bits of the body tattooed, like the elbows, ankles and knees, were the most painful.


Country With Most Miss World Winners

The Miss World Pageant, held under the auspices of Miss World (Jersey) Ltd, Golden Square, London, England, has been won by a Miss Venezuela on five occasions. The UK has won Miss World four times. Miss India has also won four times, and Miss Sweden three.




















Most Body Piercing In One Session

Over a period of 8 hours 32 minutes on May 26, 2002, British body artist Charlie Wilson skewered 28-year-old Kam Ma with a staggering 600 titanium piercings, beating the previous record by 373. “I did it because I like piercings,” said the perforated Kam, whose arms and chest were loaded with a total of 250 g (8.75 oz) of metal. On average, one stud was poked through the skin every 51 seconds. “It feels great,” he added, “and I could’ve kept going.”

The puncture marathon took about five months of planning, during which time Wilson, owner of Sunderland Body Art, one of the UK’s largest tattoo and piercing studios, tested various types of needle and studs. “We didn’t really know what to expect,” said Wilson. “There were no serious risks – I personally sterilized everything beforehand – but there was a question about Kam’s pain threshold. There was a chance that he would go into shock.”

And 90 minutes into the event, the record looked in jeopardy. “What the hell am I doing?” Kam cried, as he hit “the wall”. It wasn’t long, however, before he passed through the pain barrier, and by 5.47pm he had secured the Guinness World Record.

Kam was keeping the secret of his success close to his pierced chest – he and Wilson want to break their own record this Christmas by going for 1000 piercings – but his diet, rich in vitamin-C, played a large part. “We fed him up for about six weeks prior to the event, then he stopped eating for the last three days,” reveals Wilson. “This makes the skin stretchy. But I’ve been doing this job since 1990, and never come across anyone with such incredible, healing skin.”

Tallest Tribe

The tallest major tribe in the world is the Tutsi (also known as the Watussi) tribe of Rwanda and Burundi, Central Africa, whose young adult males average 1.83 m (6 ft). The Tutsi are found mainly in Rwanda and Burundi.


































Longest Neck

The maximum known extension of a human neck is 40 cm (15.75 in) and was created by the successive fitting of copper coils, as practiced by the women of the Padaung or Kareni tribe of Myanmar (Burma) as a sign of beauty. Their necks eventually become so long and weak that they cannot support their heads without the coils. In some tribes the coils are removed to punish women who have committed adultery.



Most Plastic Surgery

By 1995, Cindy Jackson, born in Ohio, USA, had spent $99,600 on 28 cosmetic operations over a period of 15 years. Now based in the UK, Cindy has had three full facelifts, two nose operations, knee, waist, abdomen and jaw line surgery, thigh liposuction, breast reduction and augmentation, and semi-permanent make-up.


Most Tattooed Women

The world's most tattooed women are Canadian Krystyne Kolorful and American Julia Gnuse (pictured). Krystyne's iridescent bodysuit cost her $15,000 and took her 10 years to complete. Julia covered her body with tattoos to hide the effects of the skin disease porphyria, which causes blistering and scarring.

Richest Supermodel

Although she no longer appears regularly on the catwalk, Elle MacPherson 'The Body', is said to be worth £23 millon (US$38.12 million).

Otherwise known as "The Body", Elle MacPherson is the richest, tallest, and possibly one of the busiest supermodels in the business. Modeling is just one among many of her well-paying talents.

She has featured in a number of movies with the likes of George Clooney, Anthony Hopkins, and Hugh Grant, and also appeared in the TV show Friends . Her adventures with famous celebrities don't end there. Elle also opened the Fashion Café in New York with her modelling buddies Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell. Speciality dishes included "Elle's Shrimps on the Barbie" and "Naomi's Fish and Chips". Elle's favourite snack is a toasted onion bagel topped with butter, tomatoes, and lots of pepper. She must have guzzled loads of the toasted treats to put on the 20 lb needed for her character in the movie Sirens. Elle also has her own calendar, exercise video, and lingerie line. She has fans all over the world. People in the Caribbean liked her so much they put her face on eight different postage stamps.



































Most Rhinestones On Body

In November 22, 2001, designer Maria Rosa Pons Abad adorned 30,361 rhinestones on to a model. Previous record holder Tina-Marie Stoker broke her neck in a car crash in April 1995. While recovering from surgery, she hit upon the idea for her bedazzling rhinestone creation. Four years later the sparkling sensation was unveiled. She's now planning to create a stunning $10 million diamond bunny girl.




Most Expensive Perfume

The world's most expensive perfume is the Parfum VI designed by British perfumer Arthur Burnham. The 4-in bottle (made with platinum, 24-karat gold, rubies, and diamonds) was launched in June 2000 at a cost of £47,500 (U$71,380) and was inspired by the Phantom VI Rolls-Royce. Only 173 were made. The Egyptians were the first to use perfumes, mainly by burning incense and applying balms. With time they started to be used by women as a cosmetic and soon perfumes were used in Rome, Greece, and the Islamic world. With Christianity, the use of perfumes declined until the XII century. They became a huge success in the XVII century, mainly in France and in the court of Louis XV. Still today, France has the most famous scent designers in the world




Largest Lip Jewelry

The Ethopian Musi Tribe is renowned for their practice of inserting large, circular clay plates behind the lower lips of their women as a sign of true beauty. At puberty the lip is stretched with a clap plat and the size is increased periodically. A girl's goal is to wear a plate at lest the sise of a teacup saucer [6in in diameter], before she is married.







































































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